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My latest track, grimdark!Rose-inspired.

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I didn’t have anything specific to work on today, so I made a crappy Land of Light and Rain in After Effects.

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Open call for beta(s)

Okay, so, as of this May 20th I’ll have been working on my current Homestuck fanfic project for two years. I think it’s about time I finish and post it. The issue is that because I’ve been writing all the chapters out of chronological order, I basically have to wait until the whole fic is finished to start posting (and therefore can’t rely on pressure from fans to keep me motivated to write). What would help is a beta to keep me on task, and give me input on the way the story is going. It would be less a matter of correcting spelling and grammar (that’s what Siri is for; seriously, it does wonders to listen to your fic read aloud by a robot who can’t skip over errors with its eyes), and more of a matter of feeling out the tone, or acting as a sounding board/helping come up with ideas for chapters I’m stuck on, or smoothing out awkward sentence structure.

So far the fic is running about 90k words, and I’d say it’s about 85% done. I understand that’s a beast of an undertaking to beta! In light of that fact, if anyone is interested in beta-ing, it would be on a ‘do what you can’ basis. If you can stick around for the whole story, great! If not, maybe someone else can fill in for a while.

If anyone is interested, here’s more information about the fic and about how you can get in touch.

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Dave | Rose | Jake | Jane
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WIP. Three guesses who.

WIP. Three guesses who.